Modified 7/8th Size Roundback Violincornered Design

Master Italian Style Craftsmanship

Old World Sound in a Contemporary Instrument

Highest Seasoned Select Quality Woods

  • Top Table is Two Piece Vertical Grain Spruce
  • Back Table is Two Piece Moderately Figured Maple
  • Ribs Matching Character Maple to that of the Back Table
  • Fine Deep Reddish Brown Colored  Antiqued Italian Oil Finish
  • Kolstein's™ Deluxe Baker Style Brass Tuning Gears
  • Kolstein's™ Adjustable Bass Bridge
  • Kolstein's™ Fendt Model Endpin with Carbide Tip

A Most Amazing Affordable Professional  Level Bass for Orchestral and Jazz Capacity Use.



  • Overall Body length  44 “
  • Width across the upper bout 20-3/4 “
  • Width across the center bout 15 “
  • Width across the lower bout 26 “;
  • Mensure  41 ¼”

Kolstein™ Gasparo DaSalo Model Shop Bass Violin


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