Model DB150 Liandro DiVacenza™ Model Hybrid Bass Violin

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The newly introduced Liandro DiVacenza™ Model #150 is the highest quality Hybrid designed Bass. This finely crafted Bass Violin features a highly seasoned handcarved spruce top, higly flamed maple veneered laminated backa nd ribs. It is a bass of 3/4 size with violincorners. The back is swellback in design. The bass is finished with an antiqued deep brownish red color and has a most impressive deep, lush orchestral or jazz quality of sound. The model DB150 bass is set up with all the hallmarks of Kolstein's™ shop including Kolstein's™ Adjustable Bass Bridge with ebony adjusters, full Kolstein's™ dressing of the high quality ebony fingerboard, tonal adjustment, Kolstein's™ Fendt brass collar endpin with convertible carbide point-crutch tip, Kolstein's™ VariCor Excel or Heritage bass strings, and Kolstein's™ deluxe padded bass bag. The price includes a Marco Briere Brazilwood bass bow (French or German style). This is a quality instrument offering fine hand workmanship, quality spirit varnish, ebony fingerboard, and quality ebony fittings. It is completed in the Kolstein's™ shop.

Liandro DiVacenza™ Hybrid Bass (DB150)

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