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Planet Pickups is a company located in Denmark, specializing in producing pickups. The owner is a successful bass player and electronic engineer who have gathered years of experience working on perfecting the best sounding pickup to amplify the instrument with sonic accuracy.


The demand for a quality pickup that fits into the wing slot of the bridge has increased.
Many players favor this design because of the convenient application and most
sonically logical location for a pickup. The development of the Planet Wing pickup
has involved several professional players and their input was utilized to develop
a sonically accurate wing mounted pickup.


The Planet Wing Pickup

Planet Wing Pickup (cello or bass)

SKU: 126351351935
  • The Planet Wing pickup offers high output with the full spectrum of sonic frequencies. Lowest notes have superior definition and the treble and midrange are warm without the typical harshness associated with other double bass pickups. Because of it'a balanced sound, it has proven to be resistant to feedback at high volumes.
    A few benefits from choosing the Planet Wing pickup are:

    • Strong output that delivers an intense signal to any amplifier
    • Warm sound with a round well-balanced tone
    • Equally high sound quality in both pizzicato and arco playing
    • Delivers high volume without feedback
    • Amplifier input impedance not critical
    • Comes with unique strip-fastener for easy snap on/off application
    • Accurately replicates the acoustic sound of a double bass.
    • Constructed of the best materials for the ultimate in hum suppression