The Tina Guo “Wing” transducer Cello Pickup offers high output with the full spectrum of sonic frequencies.

This pickup is revolutionary for the cellist, giving lowest notes superior definition and the treble and midrange are warm without the typical harshness associated with other double bass pickups. Because of it’s balanced sound, it has proven to be resistant to feedback at high volumes.


A few features of the Tina Guo Wing pickup:


• Strong output that delivers an intense signal to any amplifier
• Warm sound with a round well-balanced tone
• Equally high sound quality in both pizzicato and arco playing
• Delivers high volume without feedback
• Amplifier input impedance not critical
• Comes with unique strip-fastener for easy snap on/off application
• Accurately replicates the acoustic sound of the finest Cello.
• Constructed of the best materials for the ultimate in hum suppression


195.00 + free shipping within the US.

The Tina Guo Wing Cello Pickup