This Premium Cello Outfit Includes:

• Tina Guo 300 Antiqued Model Cello completed in the Kolstein's™ Violin shop of New York.
• Quality Aubert or Despiau Cello Bridge
• Wittner Finetune Carbon Fiber Non Slip Tuning Pegs
• Kolstein's™ Tailpiece with 4 Integrated Fine Tuners and Rear Harmonic Tuning Mechanism.
• High quality Carbon Fiber, Gold-Tone Endpin
• Carbon Fiber Cello Case
• Larsen Magnacore Strings
• Choice of either Tina Guo Brazilwood or Carbon Fiber Cello Bow with White or Pink Hair included.
• Kolstein's™ Cello Rosin

Price: $4,600.00


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