The Tina Guo Elite Braided #600 Series of Braided Carbon Fiber Cello Bows are made from a Graphite Fiber Braided Construction that is lightweight but incredibly strong. Braided Carbon Fiber bows represent the latest in bow technology. These elite bows are the ideal choice for professional caliber musicians and are the choice bows for Tina Guo to rely upon for her multi venue performances.


These bows offer exceptional performance and are highly responsive and offer the next level of quality in the Tina Guo Bow Line option to the highly popular standard carbon fiber composite Tina Guo bows.


The Tina Guo Elite Braided Carbon Fiber Bow is a great all purpose choice for players that want an extremely high quality, articulate playing Bow that can be played with consistency in all Weather and Music scenarios. These Cello bows featured are available in both a clear coat Braided Grey and Ruby Red finished Stick, Ebony Frog with Parisian Pearl and Silver Eyes, Full Silver Mounted, with either standard high quality white hair or quality pink colored hair.


These Bows are available for Cello in 4/4 size.

Tina Guo Elite Braided #600 Series Braided Carbon Fiber Cello Bows