Master Art #600 Premium Cello Outfit Package includes:
Tina Guo Model #600 4/4 Cello made in the affiliate European Shop of Kolstein's™ & Son, Ltd, Violinmakers of New York This finely crafted handcarved cello outfit is setup in the Kolstein's™ Shop with:
Wittner Fine Tuner Cello Pegs
Aubert Deluxe Cello Bridge
Kolstein Rear Harmonic Finetune Cello Tailpiece
Carbon Fiber Endpin
Larsen Magnacore Strings

Deluxe Carbon Fiber Hardshell Cello Case

Tina Guo Carbon Fiber or Brazilwood Branded Cello Bow


Model #600 Cello Features:
Top table 2-piece sectional plate of fine vertical grained spruce
Back table 2-piece sectional plate of moderately figured poplar
The ribs are of matching character to that of the back table
Neck and scroll are original of moderately figured maple
Varnish is a reddish-brown color highly antiqued in nature.
Tonal qualities: Deep lush quality of sound, very even in all registers, with extremely impressive projection.


Principal Dimensions:
Overall Body Length.   75cm
Width Across the Upper Bouts.   36cm
Width Across the Center Bouts.   24.3cm
Width Across the Lower Bouts.    43.5cm

Tina Guo Elite Master Art Model 600